About Gulph Creek

Founded in 1995, Gulph Creek Hotels is a leading hotel management company and hotel developer.  Therefore, we are widely recognized in the industry for it’s staff and attention to detail. Gulph Creek’s portfolio of managed hotels includes Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Choice Hotels, Hyatt and Best Western International.  We believe in and cultivate meaningful relationships with all of the major brands.

A team of over 800 employees operates our more than 20 Gulph Creek Hotels.

Gulph Creek Hotels is the leading hotel management company.  And our focus is on results and customization for our owners.  We exist because of our commitment to people in every sense. Our pillars and mission statement are a testament to this. Our experience informs our approach on how operate competitively in the hospitality industry.

Since 1995 we have provided individualized management and solutions for our properties and partners. People are different; every property is different, and this is something we are acutely aware of. And our team of hospitality management experts have a proven history in all aspects of management. We deliver financing, operational structure, sales support, marketing and revenue management strategy. Also, we can aprovide development, consulting, on-site management, revenue leadership, strategy and accounting.


At Gulph Creek, we believe in providing quality experiences for our employees, guests, owners and partners. And our commitment to people is what propels us to do what we do. Because we understand the importance of relationships. Our relationship with our partners is predicated on providing quality experiences; excellent reporting, superb services and dedicated commitment. Our key to success is to develop the perfect guest experience and satisfaction. Therefore, we believe that by focusing on the individual we can reach higher goals. In that sense, we are truly in the people business. And we provided individual, customized services and solutions for hotel management and development.

So we believe in finding the best talent and cultivating our talent. Therefore many of our team members from every level of organization have been with us for a long time. And our focus with our teams is on quality and integrity. We understand that through communication and management our team can deliver results.