Viviana Carreras

Viviana Carreras joined the HGI Hamilton on September 3rd 2007 as a Room Attendant. Shortly after, Viviana was promoted to Housekeeping Supervisor/Inspector in January 2008. As an inspector, Viviana developed a great relationship with her team and her attention to detail was quite noticeable.

By June of 2008, less than a year from her start, the opportunity presented itself and Viviana was offered the Executive Housekeeper position. Viviana expressed reservations about taking on this role for the entire department. Viviana felt that her English was not as good as she would like it to be, to take on a management role, and she felt that her experience was minimal with certain managerial duties. After some discussion with her peers and family, it was clear that her work ethic and her understanding of the department was exactly what the hotel needed going into its sophomore year. Viviana accepted the position on June 20th, 2008.